Friday, May 02, 2014

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A tale of woe and usability tale of Windows 8.1

This is a tale, of Windows 8.1 and general usability.  I do a fair amount of usability research and testing  and a lot of software from the OS all the way up to the user applications all suck…

A lot of software, has a fair amount of tradeoffs, compromises; what have you, as it gets designed and
Developed.  Groups, like marketing, upper management will sometimes throw in there  two cents
And call it branding, or enabling consistency across products.

But in the end, it kills usability for the user that’s actually trying to use that software/application.  For me, I have noticed a few things that have trended; one is, less is more. Simple clean whenever and wherever possible whether that’s a UI element or an API. Making it as simple and as easy to use as possible should be a primary goal.  Another is, the least amount of clicks for the user. While that seems
Obvious both Windows 8.X and recent Gnome both suffer from this over design where things that used to be one click are now two or three.  And lastly, don’t bolt up the UI so much; more advanced users cannot do anything with it.

Both the Windows and Gnome teams both wanted to change the paradigm of how users would use and interact with the computer. But in doing so, they sometimes made tradeoffs in the name of "design"
That would seem "cool" but served no usability function. It was all to align the platform with some
Larger goal that may or may not have made sense.

And what happened in both cases? User backlash caused both the windows and gnome teams to make changes. Which in both cases should have been there from the get go.  For windows, the damage is such
That people do not even want to touch a Windows 8.x machine, it's like it has some sort of taint on it.

What people who are not operating system geeks, (like me) do not realize is that Microsoft has got really
Hard core about security, and stability etc.. For all the software they write across the board.  For windows going back to vista; the under the hood stuff has been undergoing major changes to improve things. So, NOT using the latest Windows OS (if you’re a Windows user) actually hurts you in the long run. As, power management, security etc. have all gotten a lot better.

Its, the UI of Windows 8.x that’s sorta messy and that…  is fixable by the user (somewhat)….  Starting in Windows 8.1 You can boot directly to the desktop the setting is in: (taskbar properties) there are a couple of settings in there that you can play with. In fact, there are personalization's in a few different areas that you can Play with the biggest one is a an app called "default programs" this is the mother of all useful apps. With it you can remap any app to something else for example install VLC, and in default programs tell It to use VLC for all content it can handle. Bang, now anytime you run a video file VLC opens. You can do this with almost anything.

Those couple of things, makes 8.1, way better. The other thing I do is; I do not use the Microsoft account
I created another one and disabled the Microsoft account, and for file syncing stuff I use google drive.
Google Chrome + Google drive + lastpass is very good….

There are many other things you can do to change up, Windows 8.1 to your liking. You do not have to use the "metro" apps, there are plenty of other apps such as chrome apps, adobe apps etc…  that you can install. I spend virtually no time in metro….  To search for an app I just use: (windows key + S), to get to  the desktop (windows key + d), and for windows file explorer (Windows key +e)

You will be surprise how just a few little things can really make a huge deal….


Thursday, May 01, 2014


I have not posted in awhile, got pretty busy. noticed the blog filled up with spam so i removed it all and reviewed and locked down some of the settings which where really old. look forward, to posts comming soon.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the really random password generator (Powershell)

Here is a powershell script I wrote awhile back. thought Id post it.  its a really random password generator:
$pwdlength = [int]
$pwdlength = Read-Host "please provide desired password length"
$bytes = [byte[]][byte]1
$pwd = [string]""
$rng = New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.RNGCryptoServiceProvider
for($i=1;$i -le $pwdlength;$i++)
 $rnd = $bytes[0] -as [int]
 $int = ($rnd % 74) + 48
 $chr = $int -as [char]
 $pwd = $pwd + $chr
write $pwd
maybe later, I will modify it to control special characters. or if someone wants to figure it out, I will repost the code.

using powershell to reslove a host name to IP

Here is the best part you'll need:
$rs = [System.Net.Dns]::GetHostAddresses($i)|select-object IPAddressToString -expandproperty  IPAddressToString
now, I wrote this and tested it using powershell v2 ctp3, and it should work on the Lower versions but have not tested it.
with that line, you will have just an IP address in the var, $rs. from there you can do other things and fancy stuff, all aglore.
the select statement cleans up the output of: [System.Net.Dns]::GetHostAddresses($i) otherwise the output is not really useable as the output is formated in its own colums, with outher propertys. the select-object strips everything out except the IP address.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Daemon, by Daniel Suarez

This book, Daemon, is really good. its a techo-thriller and if you like
cyber, and techo types of books this book is one for you.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

basic ruby script

I have been playing with Ruby, thought id post a basic hello world style script....



print "what do you want to print on screen:  "
str = gets
exit if str.nil? or str.empty?

print "\n"
print str

/end code


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Damn good Perl artical

Here is a pretty damn good Perl, article over at perlbuzz. he makes some very good points about things Perl at large
can do to increase mind share. I have blogged about the many scripting languages and the amount of job postings, of which
Perl is king. so; Perl is not dying anytime so. and in fact there are major places building new stuff with Perl, like amazon.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

programming language data mining and tracking

way back in January I posted this:

which details all thw job posting form monster about alot of different computer related jobs.  here a few months later is anther one:

Perl  4326
Ruby 647
C# 5000+
Java 5000+
Python 1257
Ruby on rails 258 4437
Vbscript 883
Powershell 81
C++ 5000+
Flash 3634
Sliverlight 2
Bash 360
Zsh 0
Ksh 235
Php 2586
Javascript 5000+
Applescript 19
Osx  164
Linux 5000+
Windows 5000+
Freebsd 115
Xml 5000+
Cobol 745

if you notice, some stayed excatly the same others, change a bit the only one to dramaitcly change is c++, which i dont have answer for, other then
one of the querry maybe wrong.  will have the moniter, and look into the C++ thing. 



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