Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was going to add my comments to the 'talkback' but there where already some there that called this article for what is.

and a very poor article from a respected site. it's very sad. that these sites dont vet out there articles more.
this, article is so full of it, it's just not funny. and it's articles, like this that keep the antiVista FUD going by feeding the flames.

Vista is not perfect, but *overall* it's a big improvement over XP, and; XP *did* have *more* hardware requirement's then 2000 did. and thats a fact,
so reason stands that vista will have more requirements then XP. and Vista has a totally different driver model, whereAS XP used the same one that 2000 and NT did. so of course it will take the many hardware venders some time to catch up.

and as far as security goes, there are many many changes most of them are under the hood. and most of them are good. and you can not start saying microsoft copyed becuase let me clue you in for some news. the entire IT industry copys from itself, which is good becuase that's how some of the standards get arround. things like ctrl + C and ctrl + V that work on Linux.

sure, i love to bash MS when they deserve it. but a blanket bash with no facts or reasons is just pathetic.



Shyam said...
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Shyam said...

Please correct the spelling of the word "article" throughout.

Nex6 said...

hehe, my spelling and grammer are not the greatest. I am not an english major, I am a geek. :)


shaun said...

Well done your a brave man. I too am sick of all the FUD from Linux fanbois and MS haters.

You would think with all that spare time in moms basement they would come up with something a little more original and constructive. Its getting beyond old its soooo 2002.

bullethead said...

There is absolutely no reason for this. Anti Microsoft FUD is getting out of hand. It's really sad to see this come out of any "community". I use 4 Linux machines, and 4 Vista machines at home. Not to blame the Anti Microsoft commentary on anyone, but enough is enough really. Comments like that are from people who have most likely never booted up Vista. It's like hate speech against operating systems now. That's what it has come to and no doubt most of these comments are from adolescents, or from some kind of anti-microsoft bot out there on the message board. Excellent post.

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